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What is RAD 140 SARM?

RAD 140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that has been shown to produce the anabolic effects of testosterone without unwanted side effects. Thi...

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What is RAD 140 SARM?

RAD 140 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that has been shown to produce the anabolic effects of testosterone without unwanted side effects. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking to build muscle, burn fat, and improve their performance. RAD 140 can be used by both men and women and is most effective when taken as part of a cycle.

RAD 140 has a high affinity for the androgen receptor (AR) and binds to it with high affinity. This results in anabolic activity in skeletal muscle tissue and bones. RAD 140 has been shown to increase lean body mass, bone density, and strength in animal studies. It also has neuroprotective effects and can improve cognitive function.

What are SARMs?

Before going into a detailed analysis of the RAD 140 Testolone supplement, it is essential to know what the SARMs are. The RAD 140 Testolone supplement belongs to the SARMs family, a relatively new trend in sports, strength training, and bodybuilding. SARMs are already a well-known name in the sports and fitness fraternity. Most fitness freaks, famous celebrities, models, and athletes opt to use the SARMs to achieve the flawless lean look they want. Most people don’t know the difference between SARMs and anabolic steroids. SARMs are chemicals designed to replace anabolic steroids to mimic all their positive effects that include the following:

  • Burning the body fat
  • Reducing the body weight (from fat mass and not from muscle tissue)
  • Enhancing the anabolic power of the organism which includes performance, endurance, and physical strength.
  • Improving the mental focus
  • Enhancing the mass muscle growth.
  • Improve the rapid recovery

Though they mimic the positive effects of anabolic steroids, there is something that makes SARMs different from anabolic steroids. Although they are also chemicals that are identical in action to anabolic steroids, their selective action appears to lead to significantly fewer side effects than those of anabolic steroids respectively. The use of SARMs does not disturb the hormonal balance of the organism and does not cause issues with impotence. In addition, SARMs do not cause cancer, and they are not toxic to the liver as well. However, SARMs have not been officially approved by the FDA and hence are not available for legal purchase. Despite this, people may find various SARMs types available in the market illegally, and RAD 140 is one of them.

RAD 140 is one of the most popular SARMs available in the market. It has become quite famous among fitness freaks and athletes because of its ability to enhance athletic performance and help people achieve their dream body in a shorter amount of time. RAD 140 is a very powerful SARM that is known for its ability to increase lean

RAD 140 Dosage

RAD 140 Testolone can be used alone and can also be combined with other SARMs to improve the results. The ideal dosage of RAD 140 is 10 mg, and it is advised to continue the same dosage for eight-week cycles.

Combination 1

One of the combinations that you can use is RAD 140 with MK-677 and S23. You need to take these three for eight-week cycles. However, the dosage of RAD 140 should be 10 mg, MK-677 should be 30 mg, and S23 should be 10 mg. The combo of these three SARMs can help the users gain up to 10 kg by the completion of 8 weeks cycle.

Combination 2

Another potent combination of RAD 140 is with LGD 4033. You need to take this combo for six-week cycles. The dosage of RAD 140 should be 10 mg, and LGD 4033 should also be 10 mg. This combination is recommended for beginners. Although these are two SARMs with the highest anabolic index, they work quite similarly. However, both these substances have their unique benefits, which makes the effect of this combo greater than that of using a single SARM in a double dose.

RAD-140 Results

The effects and results of the RAD 140 cycle depend not only on the substance itself but also depends on the quality of a healthy diet and your commitment and determination toward workout sessions. Under the best training conditions, the user is expected to gain 3 to 5 kg of lean body mass over a 6 to 8-week cycle. By using RAD 140, the user can reap many benefits along with a regular exercise regimen. In addition, it does not impose any ill effects on your body. Following are the results that you can expect to notice by using RAD 140:

Increase in Lean Muscle Mass

This is the most important benefit of RAD 140. Generally, if you want to gain serious muscle mass hard-core workout is immensely important. However, RAD 140 makes sure that you are doing enough workouts to bulk up the muscles. Excessive pushing of the body to work out more can damage muscles a bit which creates micro-tears in the muscle fibers. RAD 140 increases the amount of protein synthesis in the body and these proteins repair the micro-tears quickly and help in gaining lean muscle mass.

Increase in Endurance

Though the caloric deficit diet and tough workout routines sometimes make it tough to push yourself for more intense workouts. However, RAD 140 helps in boosting the metabolic rate of the body, which effectively metabolizes the energy and uses it where it is needed the most. RAD 140 makes sure that you can spend more time in workout routines and strength training because it reduces the recovery time between the workouts and increases our focus toward the goal. This boosted endurance and energy will offer faster results without any harmful effects.

Promotes Fat Burning

Getting amazing fat loss results is one of the most beneficial side effects of increasing lean muscle mass. Though muscle is heavier than fats, increasing muscle mass actually helps in reducing the fat level in the body. RAD 140 offers great muscle maintenance that can actually help in burning more calories than fat could ever do.

Increase in Energy

RAD 140 not only helps in increasing your stamina and endurance but also enhances the testosterone level in the body. With increased T-levels, it gets easier to perform better during workout more and burn fat at a faster rate. As a result, the body will start bulking up muscle in a short span of time. In short, RAD 140 makes the whole workout regimen smooth with its effectiveness and benefits.

RAD140 Before and After

Although the RAD 140 is not yet legally available on the market, the users have so far stated positive comments about its reviews. It has been reported by many users that they got fast and spectacular results in both Cutting and Bulking Cycles. The qualities of RAD 140 bring both fat loss and muscle benefits. However, RAD 140 Testolone is not just the only SARM that can help achieve great muscle gains quickly. But it is preferred over many other SARMs because the RAD 140 does not offer the bloating but the real lean muscle mass, implying a body volume with a much longer duration. The RAD 140 Testolone aims at permanent muscle gains and a uniform body shape with more stable, greater, and consistent muscle gains. Within the first few weeks of RAD 140 use, body fat loss becomes apparent, which is also assisted by the effective muscle reconstruction achieved on the body.

The user shared his personal experience with RAD 140, and he noticed that results are very similar to those of low doses of testosterone (300 to 350 mg/week or LGD-4033. The only difference he noticed is the lack of increased libido, which usually is better with testosterone. However, RAD 140 is an excellent substance to offer much more significant strength gains and muscle mass gains. Though RAD 140 is a powerful SARM to offer good results, the results turn out phenomenal when combined with MK-677 and LGD-4033. The usual dose he took was 20 mg per day. During the ten weeks of his first cycle, he gained around 3.5 kg. He was excited to gain this as he felt close to his genetic limit. However, people who work out more can expect twice the growth if they eat the right food and do their best during training.


Why Use Supplements?

The body requires certain nutrients to function properly. Supplements provide a way to ensure that the body gets the nutrients it needs in order to function optimally.

There are many benefits to using supplements, including:

  • Ensuring that the body gets the nutrients it needs
  • Supporting optimal health
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Supporting cognitive function
  • Supporting joint health
  • Supporting healthy skin and hair
  • Supporting a healthy digestive system
  • Reducing the risk of deficiency diseases

What Kind of Supplement is RAD 140?

RAD 140 is a type of supplement known as a selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM. SARMs are a class of compounds that bind to androgen receptors in the body and produce similar effects to testosterone.

Where Can I Purchase RAD 140?

RAD 140 can be purchased through Semper Fi Nutrition. Shop online or visit one of our Kansas City supplement stores to purchase RAD 140 today! Our team of experts is always happy to answer any questions you may have about using supplements.

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Freedom Research RAD Testolone -RAD-140 90 Capsules

Freedom Research RAD Testolone -RAD-140 90 Capsules

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